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ESD training video, can i get a good recommendation?

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    trying to find a good esd or assembly craftsmanship video for employees in a small business, ive seen some in the past, one i saw had R Lee Ermey (from full metal jacket) in it, it was pretty convincing. obviously, a lot of people dont take esd seriously.

    i saw another one with a good animation showing current going through an ic chip, and how a conductive mat has high resistance and it will allow the current to flow more slowly, which causes less damage than if the two potentially different pins would short out on a metal work bench. really good stuff i never realized about ESD work environments.

    But, i cannot remember the names of any of them, and the ones im searching for online dont really have a preview or reviews, and for the price they want for them I dont want to chance it.

    any help is appreciated.

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    I would go to the websites of the companies that make ESD-mitigating manufacturing products, to see if they have good videos or other learning resources. Look for the manufacturers of ESD wrist straps, Conductive Floormats/Tiles, ESD-mitigating rework benches, etc.
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    Hey berkeman,

    thanks for the idea, the ones i have found so far have not had any type of preview on the video or seemed pretty vague in what they cover. i could teach the class myself if it came down to it, but like i said i want a video that is convincing. i guess i will continue the search at some other sources like you suggested.
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