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Estimating torque conveyor belt

  1. May 16, 2012 #1
    Hi all, was wondering could anyone give me a hand with this calculation.

    So basically I want to estimate the torque required to turn a conveyor belt. I have drawn a diagram of what it looks like. I know the weight of the objects on the belt and their respective friction coefficients. Also the friction coefficient for the drum against the belt.


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    Static friction between the objects and the belt and between the belt and the drums is not the issue. These do not absorb any of the work done. With no other resistance, the torque needed to achieve movement would be vanishingly small.
    The relevant questions are the flexing/stretching of the belt and resistance in the drum axles. E.g. as an object approaches the second drum it travels slightly uphill. This may be partly compensated by another object having just passed over the first drum, travelling slightly downhill.
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    Apologies, I forgot to include in the diagram that there is a steel table under the belt, on which the items sit. So there would be friction between the belt and this table, and it's resulting force will be proportional to the weight of the objects.
    How would I equate all this to the torque required to turn the drum?
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