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Homework Help: Ethical issues related to technology

  1. Sep 4, 2007 #1
    Hi all,

    I know this post topic does not really resemble any of the other threads in this subforum, but it is the most suitable place I could find.

    Anyway, I am currently enrolled in a class entitled "Ethics and Tech Profession." Part of the requirements is to write a paper in which I present a currently debated ethical issue somewhat related to technology and develop an argument for a specific side of the debate.

    Right now, nothing really comes to mind so I am curious if anyone has some suggestions that would make for an interesting paper. I am open to all ideas.

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    Environmental damage caused by technology companies; life support for patients with unrecoverable brain damage; embryonic stem cell research; industrial demand for oil and its effects on foreign policy; the potentially anthropogenic cause of global warming; the ethics of manufacturerd food and links with obesity; the leaching of hormone analogues from plastics used in food service; the spread of AIDS as a result of the paving of the Kinshasa highway.........

    There are literally HUNDREDS of topics in the global media every single day about the ethical dilemmas posed by technology! Have you considered spending a few minutes looking at news.google.com?

    - Warren
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    Human/animal cloning is another.
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    Haha, yeah I know there are tons of possibilities. I just got this assignment yesterday and wanted to see if anyone had any particularly interesting ethical dilemmas they had heard about recently. I hardly ever have time to read the news so I am not familiar with the subject as some may be. Of course, things like stem cell research and global warming come to mind immediately, but they have been rehashed too many times and most already have relatively firm beliefs for one side of the date. I was looking for a topic that many people are not familiar with so the paper could be informative as well as persuasive. I'll take a look at Google News here in a little bit to get a list of promising articles.
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