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News EU Plans to Annex Israel

  1. Feb 8, 2004 #1
    The Jerusalem Post reports the Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio said "she supports adding Israel and a future Palestinian state to the European Union after a peace agreement is reached," after Shimon Peres recommended such a move at the Socialist Internationale which was approved.

    The truth of the matter is Shimon Peres has sold out his country and people to an increasingly fascist EU, dominated by the Germans and Jesuits. Peres has been enticed by flowery offers of service to the EU Crusader Kingdom in a prominent position in their New Jerusalem, once Europe enforces its Pax Romana and annexes Israel, as boldly brought out in the following article: Blueprint of the Beast: UN Resolution 181
    http://benariel.port5.com/HTML%20Articles/German%20Beast.htm [Broken]

    Read and weep for Israel and Judah whose days of independence are numbered....
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    jimmy p

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    hey, join the club!! My 2nd home of Gibraltar is constantly pressurised by the Spanish. The Spanish also threatened to disallow UK into Europe if they didnt give Gibraltar to Spain... Talk about blackmail. Even disregarding the fact that over 98% of Gibraltarians want to remain British (the other >2% are probably Spaniards living in Gib). DOWN WITH SPAIN!!!
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    Britain - as the Israelite tribe of Ephraim son of Joseph - is prophesied to lose its strategic SEA-GATES, which would include Gibraltar. I hope to visit it before that terrible time! The same fascist EU that will occupy Israel has diabolical designs against Britain and the US as well.
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    jimmy p

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    Do they prophesise us losing through the workings of a jug-earred imbecile? The only way we would lose Gibraltar is if people (eg Tony Blair) ignore what the Gibraltarians want and goes ahead with the deals anyway. All he doing is trying to find a nice cosy niche up the arse of Europe.

    Yes visit Gibraltar!
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