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Ever wonder where your cat has been?

  1. Feb 10, 2008 #1
    I just thought that http://www.mr-lee-catcam.de/cc_index_en.htm" [Broken] might be interesting. If it has already been shown just delete it.

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    Love it! I've always wondered where she goes...
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    This is great! haha. I love it when the cat runs into another cat.
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    Makes me glad mine cat is a indoors one. I have thought of setting up a indoor camera, just to see what the critters do when they are home alone.
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    Its only $60 complete! and $5 for shipping to the US (suspect to me) Still cool, may get one.
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    The part suspect to me is 1) the camera is HUGE...I can't imagine any cat just tolerating that dangling from their collar without spending half the day trying to work it off, and 2) it looks like some of those pictures have the cat in them...if it's on his collar, why is the picture taken from behind him? :uhh:

    Still funny.
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    could be a wall camera or infrared
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    jim mcnamara

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    Or maybe the whole cat cam deal is bogus....
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