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Evolutionary Biology Concept Question

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    What are possible explanations as to why variation persists in the natural world despite the effects of genetic drift and directional selection?
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    This looks like a homework assignment problem.

    What explanations have you come up with so far?
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    One explanation I thought was because of the Red Queen Hypothesis -> Fitness Peak is always changing so organisms keep adapting and changing.

    Another explanation was Gene Flow

    Are either or both of these correct?
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    How do your answers address the variation persists part?
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    Look at symbiogenesis at the cell level … opportunistic and cooperative. Mutualism may be the norm, not the exception.
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    I suggest you research polymorphism. Basically, it could be gene flow, lack of selection pressure, frequency dependent selection (is good when it is the exception, is bad when it is the norm), or heterozygous advantage (if you have 1 copy of the gene it is good, 2 is bad, 0 is bad, such as Sickle-Cell Anemia).
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