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Homework Help: Exam coming this week

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    I have an exam coming this week and the book I use is Fundamental of physics 8th edition.

    Chapters include from 30 - 36

    Induction and Inductance

    Electromagnetic Oscillations and Alternating Current

    Maxwell's Equations; Magnetism of Matter

    Electromagnetic Waves




    I would like to know what kind of problem in the book are important. For example: CH 30 Problem 45

    Thanks in advance

    PS: if it is in the wrong Thread, please do not delete it but change it to the right Thread
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    All of them. There is no way anyone here can answer that question for you. We don't know what is explicitly on the exam and we arent your professor. The only way to properly prepare yourself for an exam is to do every problem available.
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    Thank you for your comment {Clever-Name} ==> but I am not genius enough to get all the answers correct; I was aiming for the most questions that are important.

    I will be waiting for more hope from other member's.
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    Is that HRW? I seem to vaguely recall that book having starred questions that are harder then the other questions, or something.

    Anyways, do you have access to past papers? If so, I'll assumed you've done them (you definitely should). Try to find the questions that are relevant to the types of questions that tend to come up in your exam.
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    10 problems assign in the test


    Well I have done all the homework problems & the professor choose some of them from there

    but still three are out of the homework; So that why I am asking for more problems

    I need to make at lest B in this test
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    I still stand by my answer. You can't expect to be able to get every question right, but by looking at the harder questions and attempting them you'll be more prepared for the exam. By doing all of the easier problems you'll have the foundations down so that you at least have the knowledge to start a problem you usually struggle with.

    From my experience the questions on exams are the questions that you aren't 'genius' enough to answer right away. The only way to become 'genius' enough to answer them is by challenging yourself with difficult problems that you struggle to answer.
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    not quite happy though

    I know that I will be studying either way Thanks for your concern {Clever-Name}


    For other people who just showed up, what advice do you recommend. I mean more than 70 people enter and only two has respond; just shame of you guys !!!

    My professor I know you are there; I saw you the other day searching on this forum ;;;

    Tell me some of the problems :tongue:
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