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Exam-information math.-qm.-phys

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    Hey there

    Im preparing for an oral exam in mathematical quantum physics.

    not sure if this fits in here very well.

    but anyway, anybody had some in exams in the past?
    and probably give me some hints what is important, what should I know. And are there any classical questions?

    my literature is "Gustafson and Sigal: Mathematical Concepts of Quantum Mechanics"

    this isnt very specific information so far, so i name a few topics:
    so for instance
    stability problems (schrödinger operators, esp. hydrogen), bounds states, many particle systems, Mean field Approximations, 2nd Quantization.

    best regards, tks in adv

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    Hm, it's very difficult to guess what your professor asks. Why don't you ask him, what to prepare for? Maybe there are other students who have had an exam with him, and you can ask them, how the exam looks like.
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