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Examples of quantum mechanics predictions

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    A layman, I've read numerous times that quantum mechanics is one of the most, if not the most, successful theory ever in predicting physical outcomes. Please provide a few examples of these successful predictions, apart from the double-slit experiment. For example, I know some successful predictions of both theories of relativity, e.g. the elapsed time differences between clocks on airplanes and on the ground, the bending of starlight around massive gravitational masses, the relativistic effects of firing particles in accelerators at greater and greater speeds, etc. But for quantum mechanics, even though we are surrounded by technology that uses it, I wonder exactly what some of the triumphant predictions actually are.
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    Atomic spectra, periodic table, the band structure of the semiconductors that you use in your modern electronics (i.e. look up a Solid State Physics text), MRI, X-ray spectra, the double helix structure of your DNA....

    Do you need more?

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