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Exothermic Reactions

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    Can any one tel me... some Exothermic Liquid reactions to carry out experiments for my project work....
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    What about H+ + OH-.
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    hi.. Thank u for your reply...
    im looking for some organic liquid-liquid reactions ... u have any idea ..???

    please let me know...

    Thank u

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    Do you need it to be non-aqueous , for instance could you deal with organic aqueous solutions i.e. organic compound dissolved in water?
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    It can be non aqueous or aqueous .... can u please name them .... i want some specific examples.... plzzz let me know...

    Thanking you

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    Honestly this is your research. The topic of organic acid base reactions should be relevant to what you want.
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    Yeh... ur rite... im a research student.. but im a chemical engineering student ... so i dont know much of the chemistry... i have been searching from 2 months but could not able to find out.. plzz help me in this regard... some reactions can u suggest me so that i can proceed further in my project ...

    hope u will do some favor ....

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    I'm sure that there are more popular ones out there, but here's one

    citric acid with sodium ethanoate

    The calculations won't be so simple with this one

    If possible you can substitute the ethanoate with sodium hydroxide , that would simplify things and the exothermicity may be more observable.
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