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Expansion of the universe

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    was just thinking if no luminous matter exist beyond the visible part of the universe.
    then that indicated that temperature beyond visible part is 0k, then universe expands b/c of dark energy...cosmic wave background noise be a candidate for dark energy since it is the highest radiation in the universe.. the thing about dark matter is in it violating conservation of energy.. how can dark energy come out of no where?.
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    Sorry, but what you have written really makes no sense at all. Maybe try again using proper punctuation and complete sentences.

    Luminous matter certainly exists beyond the observable universe.

    The universe does not expand because of dark energy.

    This doesn't make sense.

    This doesn't make sense. Dark matter doesn't violate conservation of energy.

    Why do you think dark energy comes out of nowhere?
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    There is no way to falsify the existence of anything beyond the "observable universe" so for all intents and purposes there is no saying "certainly".
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    There is also no way to prove that Earth is not exactly in the center of universe, and that nothing exist outside of our observable patch. But that doesn't make anyone believe that it is so. Observational cosmology is limited with finite speed of light.
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