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Expected time of arrival with uncertainty

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    This is actually related to my research work. Let say a location (x1,y1) is given with uncertainty in location is given by co-variance matrix P1. A vehicle is moving towards (x1,y1) from a location (x2,y2) with velocity (x2dot, y2dot). The uncertainty of the vehicle location is given by co-variance matrix P2 and uncertainty of the vehicle velocity is given by co-variance matrix P3. How can I calculate the expected time of arrival for the vehicle for this scenario?

    The uncertainty is given by Gaussian distribution. For e.g., location based covariance will be in the following form P = [ σ(xx) σ(xy); σ(yx) σ(yy)]

    I am pretty sure, there are no closed answers for this. What I want is what kind of research papers or books I have to read to get the idea for this problem? I could not able to find anything for the above problem until now.

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    Thanks DaleSpam. I will take a look and come back.
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