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B Experimental data of bremsstrahlung

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    Hi !

    I'm not sure to post my question in a good place so please move if inappropriate... I search experimental data of bremsstrahlung interaction as we can found experimental data of nuclear interaction on EXFOR.

    Someone know a website which provide that ?

    Thanks in advance !
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    Thanks for your response 1oldman2 !
    exfor is a very large database on nuclear interaction but there aren't experimental data about bremsstrahlung interaction.
    I search something like exfor but with information about bremsstrahlung..!
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    I see, I was heading in the wrong direction there, sorry for the distraction. I entered (bremsstrahlung interaction experimental data), this comes up with a lot of hits, not knowing exactly what experimental data your looking for I thought I'd post a few links that come up and if those aren't close try searching with the same criteria I used in parenthesis, hopefully this will get you the info you seek.
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