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Explanation of the sound from the toy puzzle

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    My 2 year old play with the following toy at our home.


    It is basically, when you put the correct animal block in the correct place, it makes the sound of that animal. I can see some sensor in the wood piece and in the board; it can be easily explained how the toy works.

    What is puzzling me is, whenever I turn off the bedroom light at night before going to bed, this toy makes a cat sound. Each and every night, for years. In my puzzle board, the cat piece is missing, so the sensor in the cat block is always open. Can someone explain exactly what causes the cat sound, when I turn off the light?
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    Maybe with the light on, cover the cat block and see if you get a sound. Perhaps it is a logical circuit. When a piece is placed in the appropriate block, it toggles the circuit. Perhaps the circuit has a light sensor?
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    You should experiment yourself.Try to see what happens in different conditions see if it still makes the sound if you cover the sensor etc.

    I for one am convinced that your toy is possesed by the devil.
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    Demonic possession, no doubt.
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    I don't see why explanations have to devolve to demons and aliens when it's more likely he has a darkness-averse invisible cat living in the house.
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    Thank your lucky stars its not the rooster piece missing.
    Going to bed or getting up?

    And why do you have one in your bedroom anyways?
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    Thanks folks. As AlephZero mentioned, lot of people see this issue it seems. I can peacefully sleep now :)

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    I felt the need for some reason to log in just tell you micro that that made me laugh so much.
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