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Explicit representation?

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    explicit representation??

    I got to show the explicit representation of 2cos(omega)t - 1/4 sin(omega)t = 0. what is this? is this operator notation??
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    Re: explicit representation??

    I have no idea what you mean by "explicit repesentation". Obviously [itex]2cos(\omega t)- (1/4)sin(\omega t)= 0[/itex] is only true for some values of t.
    Specifically, if [itex]2cos(\omega t)- (1/4)sin(\omega t)= 0[/itex] , then [itex](1/4)sin(\omega t)= 2 cos(\omega t)[/itex] and [itex]sin(\omega t)/cos(\omega t)= tan(\omega t)= 8[/itex]. You could use a calculator to see what [itex]\omega t[/itex] must equal.
    Where did you see that? What was the context?
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