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Implicit atheism and explicit atheism are types of atheism. In George H. Smith's Atheism: The Case Against God, "implicit atheism" is defined as "the absence of theistic belief without a conscious rejection of it", while "explicit atheism" is "the absence of theistic belief due to a conscious rejection of it". Explicit atheists have considered the idea of deities and have rejected belief that any exist. Implicit atheists, though they do not themselves maintain a belief in a god or gods, have not rejected the notion or have not considered it further.

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  1. arivero

    Explicit search in ChatGPT recalls

    Generate markdown code for a table of papers on string theory. Generate up to 5 rows, including at least columns for title, authors, and url. Make the urls clickable. Do not forget to prefix it with https: You can include papers from scientific journals or scientific repositories. For a given...
  2. A

    I Explicit non-local form for the vector potential?

    Hello everyone, I was looking at the light matter interaction Hamiltonian and I worked out a simple calculation where I was surprised to see that I had to introduce an explicitly non-local vector potential if I want to go further: $$\langle\psi|...
  3. B

    I Find an explicit formula for this n-sum problem

    Hello, I am having trouble with deriving an explicit formula (if one exists) for S(a,n) such that for example $$S(a,5) = \sum_{i5=a}^{49} \sum_{i4=i5}^{49} \sum_{i3=i4}^{49} \sum_{i2=i3}^{49} \sum_{i1=i2}^{49}(1)$$ or $$S(a,4) = \sum_{i4=a}^{49} \sum_{i3=i4}^{49} \sum_{i2=i3}^{49}...
  4. A

    A Explicit non-holonomic equations of motion

    In the holonomic case, we can put the Lagrangian in the Lagrange equations to obtain the explicit form of the equations of motion. From Greenwood's classical dynamics book, the equations are Are there such general equations for the non-holonomic case?
  5. T

    Explicit Calculation of Q Factor of Loaded Tuned Circuits

    I would like to discuss in detail an interesting aspect dealing with general considerations and methods to calculate the Q factor of oscillating systems on the example of this regenerative receiver. Althought it is closely related to the discussion here discussion here (especially Baluncore's...
  6. Mikaelochi

    I Writing down an explicit homotopy

    I understand that a homotopy is a continuous deformation. The only thing I really remember is something in my notes like this: F(s, 0) = a(s) for 0≤s≤1 and F(s, 1) = a * Id(s). Basically I have to construct some sort of piece-wise function such that I go something like two loops half of the time...
  7. D

    I Partial differentiation and explicit functions

    Hi For a function f ( x , t ) = 6x + g( t ) where g( t ) is an arbitrary function of t ; then is it correct to say that f ( x , t ) is not an explicit function of t ? For the above function is it also correct that ∂f/∂t = 0 because f is not an explicit function of t ? Thanks
  8. A

    B Explicit expression for ideal membership

    Derive an explicit expression for all ##f\in\langle q\rangle\subseteq \mathbb{Q}[x]##. I think it's doable and was wondering if there is a published formula?
  9. OmkarE11

    Error in ANSYS Explicit Dynamics

    I am tring to simulate impact of cricket ball on a bat. Whenever I try to simulate with custom materials it shows an error like 'Solver initialization failed. See the log file.' But when I carry out with steel as the material it works fine. Please help.
  10. T

    What could be some future developments of Explicit Finite Method?

    Hello everyone, I have to submit an assignment by Monday and there is only one part of the assignment missing, which is future developments of the Explicit Finite Difference Method. However, I can not do it because I really do not know what exactly he is asking me for on there. Could someone...
  11. T

    What are the limitations of the Explicit Finite Difference Model?

    Homework Statement:: Discuss the limitation of the Explicit Finite Difference Model. Relevant Equations:: no formula Hello there, I have to discuss the limitations of using the Explicit Finite Difference model to calculate a 2D Heat Diffusion through an aluminium place, however, I really...
  12. A

    I What does it mean for a Lagrangian to have "explicit" time dependence?

    Suppose I had a Lagrangian $$L = q+ \dot{q}^2 + t.$$ This has explicit time dependence. Now consider another Lagrangian: $$L = q+ \dot{q}^2 .$$ Which has no explicit time dependence. But after solving for the equations of motion, I get $$\dot{q} = t/2 + C.$$ So I could now write my Lagrangian...
  13. H

    MHB Sequence of b_{k} with Explicit Formula: Proving by Math Induction

    b_{k} = b_{k - 1}/2 +b_{k-1} b_{0} = 1 What would be the sequence for this expression, I calculated it to be 1, 2/3, 2/5, 2/7 ... Is it right? My explicit formula is b_{n} = 2/n+2 What would be the explicit formula in your view and how can that formula be proved by mathematical...
  14. C

    I Determining the covariance of two parameters given their explicit relationship

    I am wondering if it is possible to determine the covariance, ##\text{Cov}(a,b)##, of two fitted parameters given I know their explicit relationship ##a=a(b)##? I would like to construct the covariance matrix in the space of the parameters ##\left\{a,b\right\}##. Using the relationship...
  15. JD_PM

    Get all possible constants of motion given an explicit Hamiltonian

    I do not understand the following sentence (particularly, the concept of extra symmetry): 'If all ##\alpha^i## are the same, then there is extra symmetry and corresponding constants of motion'. OK so let's find the Lagrangian; we know it has to have the form: $$L(q, \dot q) = T(q, \dot q) -...
  16. A

    Admissions How explicit should my goals be in my Statement of Purpose?

    Hi everyone, I'm writing my statement of purpose for Masters/PhD programs in Physics (Condensed Matter Experiment, specifically superconducting quantum computing related). I've seen a lot of advice online for how to write SoPs, and I've made and answered a list of questions the statement has to...
  17. Q

    A Explicit form of annihilation and creation operators for Dirac field

    I'm unclear on what exactly an annihilation or creation operator looks like in QFT. In QM these operators for the simple harmonic oscillator had an explicit form in terms of $$ \hat{a}^\dagger = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}\left(- \frac{\mathrm{d}}{\mathrm{d}q} + q \right),\;\;\;\hat{a} =...
  18. karush

    MHB Can You Solve This Initial Value Problem and Determine Its Solution Interval?

    Given #11 $\quad\displaystyle xdx+ye^{-x}dy=0,\quad y(0)=1$ a. Initial value problem in explicit form. $\quad xdx=-ye^{-x}dy$ separate $\quad \frac{x}{e^{-x}}\, dx=-y\, dy$ simplify $\quad xe^x\, dx=-y\, dy$ rewrite $\quad y\,dy=-xe^x\,dx$ integrate (with boundaries) $\quad \int_1^y...
  19. P

    What could be causing an ANSYS Explicit Dynamics error during solution process?

    I am trying to run explicit dynamics, but after AUTODYN PRE-SOLVER SETUP is complete the solution stops and the following message is displayed "A general failure occurred during the solution process." I have installed the same ansys version on another pc and everything works ok. RAM is the...
  20. C

    I Explicit computation of mass counter term diagrams

    In most treatments of the mass renormalisation in dim reg, I see sources find the mass counter term by extracting the coefficient of e.g the ##m^2## term accompanied by a pole in epsilon. I know the mass counter term is found by placing an X on diagrams where there is usually a self energy...
  21. M

    MHB Convert the recursive formula into the explicit form

    Hey! :o We have the sequence $$0, \ 2 , \ -6, \ 12, \ -20, \ \ldots$$ Its recursive definition is \begin{align*}&a_1=0 \\ &a_{n+1}=(-1)^{n+1}\cdot (a_n+2\cdot n)\end{align*} or not? How can we convert that in the explicit form? (Wondering)
  22. Barath Kr

    How to apply moments in ANSYS Explicit Dynamic Analysis?

    Hello All, I want to apply moments to Revolute Joints in Explicit Dynamic Analysis. But i could not find any option to apply moments. I saw an youtube video, from which it is cleary know that it is possible to apply moments to revolute joints under initial conditions. But i don't know how they...
  23. N

    A Explicit examples of calculations of Chern classes

    Hello, I would like to find explicit calculations of Chern classes on various bundles. I mean examples where the steps are worked out explicitly, in terms of explicit connections. I have only found abstract and non explicit "examples". I only really understand things when I can work out...
  24. Pencilvester

    I Trying to get an explicit function(ish)

    How would I go about solving for ##t_p## in the following equation:$$t_p - t + vy \cos {(2 \pi \omega t_p )} - vx \sin {(2 \pi \omega t_p )} = 0$$where our input is a point in ##ℝ^3## with coordinates ##t##, ##x##, and ##y##, and where ##v## and ##\omega## are constants. I’m pretty sure it...
  25. Hiero

    Is there an explicit way to write the solution of nx = e^x?

    (Not homework, just curious) Homework Statement Is there an explicit way to write the x which solves nx = e^x for constant n? Homework Equations nx = e^x Or equivalently, x = ln(x) + m The Attempt at a Solution For any n we could just find x numerically, but is there an explicit expression...
  26. F

    I Finding the explicit solution of a trig equation

    Hello, I understand that solving an equation like f(x)=0 means finding those values of x that make the equality true. In the case of some difficult trig equations (like sin(x)+tan(3x+2)+cos^2(x)=5 which I just made it) it may not be possible to find an explicit solution. What does that mean...
  27. Debaa

    B Implicit differentiation or just explicit?

    How do I figure whether to do implicit differentiation or just explicit?? Thanks for the answer.
  28. A

    Explicit dynamics (LS-DYNA export) -- How to export a Time waveform?

    I am doing guided wave simulation in ANSYS workbench. I applied a load (tone-burst signal) on the model and I ran the simulation successfully. Now, I want to extract the time waveform. Does anybody have any idea?
  29. RJLiberator

    Finding an explicit formula for the sequence of partial sums

    Homework Statement I am trying to wrap my head around what it means to find an explicit formula for the sequence of partial sums. Question: Find an explicit formula for the sequence of partial sums and determine if the series converges. a) sum from n=1 to n=infinity of 1/(n(n+1)) Homework...
  30. binbagsss

    Implicit & explicit dependence derivative sum canonical ense

    Homework Statement Hi, I am trying to follow the working attached which is showing that the average energy is equal to the most probable energy, denoted by ##E*##, where ##E*## is given by the ##E=E*## such that: ##\frac{\partial}{\partial E} (\Omega (E) e^{-\beta E}) = 0 ## MY QUESTION...
  31. Angel Ochoa

    Different results with Explicit method and Implicit method

    Hello everybody, I´m simulating a problem of indentation of a tungsten needle tip on an aluminum layer. Before I was using just the module "Static Structural" from ANSYS, which is based on an implicit solver. Now I wanted to do the same simulation with the module "Explicit Dynamics" of ANSYS...
  32. F

    Maple Maple - Explicit Set Definition & Natural Number Symbol

    Hi, I would like to know if is possible define a set rule explicitly. ex.: Define the set A explicitly where ξ = ℕ and A = {x | x < 3}. The maplesoft said the (N) is a representation of Natural Numbers. f:=proc() local a,b; a:=N; b:= 3; print(a<b); end proc; when I...
  33. A

    Use iteration to guess an explicit formula

    Homework Statement Use iteration to guess an explicit formula for u_k = u_{k−2} * u_{k−1}, for all integers k ≥ 2, u_0 = u_1 = 2 and prove it . Homework Equations Hint: Express the answer using the Fibonacci sequence. The Attempt at a Solution u_k = u_{k−2} * u_{k−1} and u_0 = u_1 = 2, so...
  34. P

    Explicit proof of the Jacobian inverse

    Homework Statement Given the transformations ##x^2+y^2=2*r*cos(theta)## and ##x*y=r*sin(theta)## prove the Jacobian explicitly The question then goes on to ask how r and theta are related to the cylindrical coordinates rho and phi. I think ##r=1/2*(x^2+y^2)## and hence ##r=1/2 rho## but I am...
  35. j3dwards

    Explicit check for Laplace transform?

    Homework Statement Solve the following initial value problem using Laplace transforms: y' + 4y = 3t3 e−4t ; y(0) = 0 . Useful information: Recall that the Laplace transform of y 0 is pY − y(0), where Y is the Laplace Transform of y. The Laplace transform of tk e−at is k!/(p + a)k+1 . Confirm...
  36. O

    Selecting a numerical method

    Good Day Let's say I have developed a new method to extract, more efficiently (yes, "more efficiently" is ill-defined; but bear with me) the differential equations that describe a specific phenomena (please just assume it). So now I have a system of coupled second order differential...
  37. I

    Different animal sensory, short and long term memories?

    Is there any research that was done on animal long and short term memories? And short of empirical analysis, if there is none, is there much we could conclude, based purely on what we know about their brains? For example, from knowing which brain parts deal with explicit and which with...
  38. M

    Galiliei transformations explicit proof

    Homework Statement Show explicitly that ei*ε*κu * ei*ε*κv * e-i*ε*κu* e-i*ε*κv = Identity + ε2 [Kv,Ku + O (ε3) The Attempt at a Solution Kv,Ku = Kv*Ku - Ku*Kv I'm not sure exactly how to approach this problem. I know that U (tau) = ∏ ei*su*Ku and that for operators O --> O' = U O U†...
  39. Y

    Solving an RC circuit using explicit euler

    Homework Statement Hi there. I have a simple RC circuit with a battery voltage of 10 V, R = 1 Ω, C = 1 F and a switch. I want to use the Explicit Euler (forward divided difference) to solve the equation and check for stability, rather than using a ODE. I am finding the equation for when the...
  40. P

    Advection equation stability for explicit scheme

    Hello, I have a typical 1D advection problem where a cold fluid flows over a flat plate. I did an energy balance to include conduction, convection and friction loss and I got the PDE's for the fluid and the solid. I used finite differences to solve the system as T(x, t) for both fluid and...
  41. Destroxia

    Differential Equations, Separable, Explicit Solution

    Homework Statement Solve the differential equation, explicitly. dy/dx = (2x)/(1+2y) The answer given by the book is... -1/2 + 1/2sqrt(2x - 2x^2 +4) Homework Equations Process for solving separable differential equations The Attempt at a Solution dy/dx = (2x)/(1+2y) (1 + 2y)*dy = 2x*dx...
  42. J

    MATLAB Heat Transfer 2D Steady State Explicit

    Hello. I am completely new to MATLAB and programming in general. I never thought I would have to resort to online help, but here I am. I have spent hours googling and haven't been able to get very far. 1. Homework Statement Calculate the distribution of the temperature of the inner part of the...
  43. G

    Problems in explicit dynamics simulation in ANSYS Workbench

    I'm new with ansys if I can help it would be helpful. the problem is that two solids are shocked, but one of them is going through the other, have already implemented several things different tutorials but the answer is the same. the only question when I change the location fixed support the...
  44. S

    MHB Solving the separable equation, putting it in explicit form

    Find the solution of the given initial value problem in explicit form. Determine interval which solution is defined. (which i think is the same thing as saying find the interval of validity) $y' = (1-2x)y^2$ , $y(0) = -1/6$ So here is what I have so far.. $\int y^{-2}dy = x - x^2 + C$ $=...
  45. S

    MHB Need reassurance on "implicit" and "explicit" form

    When dealing with this separable equation for example, if I'm told to solve the given D.E. $y' = x^2/y$ so after manipulation and taking the integral I got $\frac{y^2}{2} = \frac{x^3}{3} + C$ This is the implicit form correct? Would the explicit form be $y = \sqrt{\frac{2}{3} x^3 + C}$
  46. S

    MHB Finding the explicit solution and the Interval of Validity

    Find the explicit solution to $tyy' − 1 = 0$, $y(1) = 4$ and give the interval of validity. $ty \frac{dy}{dt} - 1 = 0$ $y \frac{dy}{dt} - 1 = 0$ ==> $ydy - {1/t} dt = 0$ $ydy = 1/t dt$ $\frac{y^2}{2} = ln(t) + c$$y = \sqrt{2ln(t) + c}$ applying $y(1) = 4$ so the explicit solution is: $C =...
  47. S

    MHB Finding the explicit solution to the IVP

    Find the explicit solution to the IVP. $xdx + ye^{-x}dy=0$, $y(0) =1$ so I did some manipulation to get $ye^{-x}dy= -xdx$ ==> $\frac{dy}{dx}=\frac{-x}{ye^{-x}}$ but now I'm confused on what to do. What I found above is the implicit solution right? So do I just need to get $y'$ on the left side...
  48. F

    MHB How to derive a recurrence relation from explicit form

    I am given a formula in explicit form and as a recurrence relation. It is asked to derive the recurrence relation from the explicit form. How is this done?
  49. F

    Find an explicit solution of the given initial-value problem

    Hello all, hoping to get a bit of help with a diff eq problem that goes like this: Find an explicit solution of the given initial-value problem, x^2*(dy/dx)=y-xy ; y(-1) = -6 I separated my variables to get: S (1-x)/x^2 dx = S 1/y dy Integration of left via partial fractions: S 1/x^2 dx...