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Extra text lines

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    I have noticed that members such as Danger, Fred Garvin, Astronuc, chroot, and others that have lines of text below their responses. I was wondering how you were able to get those. Any input is welcome.:confused: :confused:
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    If you mean their signature lines, those are a perk available for contributors. If you're interested in becoming a contributor, click on the "upgrade" link at the top of the page. It helps support paying for the servers and upgrades, etc. Other than signatures and avatars, you also get to view the forum without ads, and a higher limit for private message storage.
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    If you want to remove signatures just go to your UserCP and look under "edit options" and then un-check the box that says "Show Signatures" Personally, I think some people have extremely annoying signatures, so I have all signatures turned off.
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    I've never seen annoying signatures on this site yet.

    I've seen plenty elsewhere, but the PF members seem to be controlling themselves.

    Other sites have people with signatures taking over half a PAGE!:surprised
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    There may not be any anymore. Probably a year ago or so I remember a few that were very long, so I turned them off and never put them back on.
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    Last year we had some members with half a page long signatures. The guidelines said no more than 4 lines, some had twice that many, it was awful.

    It has toned down, I haven't seen too many signatures more than two lines long. Two lines should be the max.

    Hear that people? No more than two lines in a signature!
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    What ads? The only ads I see, not being a contributor, are the ones right at the bottom of the page under 'Associates'. I'm not sure if it would make a difference if those were removed. :uhh:
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