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Testing Failed midsem EM exam, to drop or not to drop?

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    I'm doing an electromagnetic fields and waves course. The first part of the course was mainly about transmission line's, using the Smith chart and a host of equations that comes with transmission lines...we had a mid semester exam and i got 13/30, which i wasn't happy about but i didn't put in as much study time as i should have so i wasn't surprised. Now i'm wondering whether i should drop the course?

    The second part is now focusing on Maxwell's equations, so we're getting into the actual electromagnetic fields and waves part of the course, which i'm finding kinda tricky but i'm able to grasp it if i put in extra time to study the material. However i know of one guy who did the course last year, he also failed the mid semester exam and ended up failing the course all together, i'm kinda worried that i'll end up in that position since i've also heard of other people who have failed the course. So this leads me to the whole point of my post, should i drop this subject? Better not to take the risk? Or get myself into it more vigorously and make sure i pass the final exam (which is out of 60% btw, and our tutes correspond to 10%, which i know i'll get).

    I'd like to take an antenna related course after this one, so i kinda do need to stay in it but i still don't know if i should take the 'risk'. Plus the other thing is, is that I would have liked to get a high grade for this course..it's still possible i guess, so long as i study extra hard for the final exam..
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    If you didn't put as much study time in as you thought you needed, why are you concerned about the whole course? I assume you don't plan on repeating this again.

    I'm not trying to be smart, I just think that if you knew that you could have used more studying, you will also know that for future exams. Just study well enough (like you should have for this exam) next time. And as for someone failing the midterm as well as the course, why are you surprised? That a very general occurrence for any class.

    You sound like you know what you need to do to pass this course. Just do it and you'll be fine.
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    Dropping an essential course doesn't seem like a great idea. How can you give up so easily? Are you serious about your education or are you just going through the motions?
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    That's it though..I know I'll have to do extra work for the final exam for this course, yet I also want to make sure I get a high grade, not just a 'pass'.

    It's not a matter of giving up easily, rather just either taking the 'risk' or not. I've got other things going on for me at the moment too (working part time being one of them), so I'm just trying to weigh it all out, whether i'm better off sticking to it now and (most likely) passing, or doing it another semester and most likely getting a higher grade. It's actually an elective though, but one I want to successfully complete.
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    Own the living hell out of the final, that's all you can do. If you don't think you can do that, then you should drop.
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    ^^haha I like that response ;)
    Thanks for the advice though people! I have til next wednesday to decide so i'll see how i go.
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