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Faraday Cage in Ionic Solution

  1. Jan 20, 2016 #1
    Another question and a another terrible illustration.
    So my question: do faraday cages interfere with dispersion of ionic solutions?
    In the illustration, a chemical reaction or some other cause for a lower concentration of ions is happening inside a faraday cage at B. Will the solution disperse into the cage as if it was not there?

    A specific example: Lets say the solution is salt water. Inside the faraday cage, we are somehow removing ions from solution.
    Will the ions outside the cage, move inside at a rate different than if there was no cage?

    What if we only took positive ions from inside the cage? Now the area inside the cage is negatively charged. Will it stay that way for longer than it would without a cage present?

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    jim mcnamara

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    A Faraday cage is often modeled as an ideal hollow conductor. Hollow in the sense of air or vacuum in the "hollow". So, I do not see that what you have is a Faraday cage. Hopefully someone who knows more can give you a better answer. Also note that seawater has ~.2 Ohms resistance.
    Air (standard meteorological atmostphere at STP )has resistance on the order of gigaOhms - circa 2 gOhms which is many orders of magnitude greater than seawater.
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    This is one of the things that puzzles me. I'm thinking that, because they both conduct through the flow of ions, it can be considered a faraday cage. I don't know for sure though, I hope someone can help.
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