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Faraday's Law and EMF calculation

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    I found this site with a calculation for EMF: http://www.6pie.com/faradayslaw.php. I just want to see if I have this right.

    Magnet Surface: Height (0.05 m) * Width (0.004 m) = Area 0.0002 m2.
    Coil windings: 6
    Rotations per second: 5
    NdFeB Magnet in N42 (1.33 Tesla) (I will reduce this as not all the coil windings will not be right next to the magnet surface)

    EMF / V = -N * change in (( tesla * area meters squared)/ seconds)
    = -6 * ((0.665 * 0.0002)/.2)
    = -6 * 0.000665
    = -0.00399

    Is the above assumption of possible EMF per rotation correct?
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