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I am working on a project of a medical equipment which is supposed to absorb oxygen at a rate similar to the human body. I am looking for a process or a substance that would absorb about 200-300 ml of oxygen per minute. I can't use fire or anything that explodes. I was thinking about iron powder, but I don't think the oxydation reaction would have the correct rate. Does anyone know if iron is OK? Any other suggestions?




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Have you looked into standar bulk getters like barium or titanium ? By fixing the mass of the getter and its temperature, you can tune the gettering rate.
Thanks a lot for the help. I really think bulk getters are what I need, though I'm not familiar with the term. I've googled "bulk getters", but I didn't find a lot of information that could help me. Do you know any websites or books with information about bulk getters or where to buy them?


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Definition :
Brief Discussion :

Reference for Titanium gettering : Stout and Gibbons, J. Appl. Phys., 26, 1488 (1955)

Commercially made Ti powders : [Broken]

Other commercially available getters : [Broken]

Other references : [Broken]
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Pyrogallol solution?

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