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Fatigue life estimation.

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    I am working on a physics problem in a project to estimate fatigue life of a component.

    There is a cam rotating with an offset of 10mm rotating at an rpm of 230. The component is a cantilever fixed at one end is getting hit by this cam while it is rotating. The cam is at the other end of cantilever.

    I want to simulate this using basic mechanics to estimate the fatigue life of the component. So far i have done the following

    1.peak acceleration due to the component is a(sqr w) where a is the cam offset and w is the frequency of rotation of cam. Call this peak acceleration as A

    2.I have calculated the static stresses(principal stress(sigma) and maximum shear stress(tau)) at the cantilever point(fixed end) due to a load of P as sigma

    After that how should i proceed to check the fatigue life?
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    First thing you can do is to take your alternating stress and compare that to what can be found in S-n diagrams for the material your beam is made out of. That I would think would be the quickest and easiest. If your material has a fatigue limit, you will find it there.
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