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Fault analysis in power systems

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    I would like to know relevant materials/links that would help ma further my research in fault analysis.Thanks
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    hi there
    welcome to PF

    would you like to elaborate a bit please the question is a bit vague

    are you dealing with DC or AC systems ? or both?
    hi or low voltage ?

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    hello Dave,
    I'm dealing with AC systems for now. high voltage
    would like to hear from you soon
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    abimcdssi, I welcome you here, also! There are several processes here...detecting a fault, isolating a fault, building redundancy to protect critical loads, and, of course, determining the root cause of the fault. I think all this is under the heading of "fault analysis". So, will you please describe your issue in more detail? Say exactly what you are trying to do, please.

    edit: Have you read this technical paper?
    www.elect.mrt.ac.lk/EE423_ Fault_Analysis_Notes.pdf

    Here's a company that seems to do what you are asking about:
    http://www.avotraining.com/ps-overview.php?gclid=COqhr6yf6q8CFYla7AodmDF02g [Broken]
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    more of balanced and unbalanced fault analysis
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