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Fav Music while Skywatching?

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    What is your fav piece of music you listen to while sky watching? Mine is the unbeatable 'Cosmos' by Vangelis. It gives me a sense of being one with the stars :)
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    A great date is take your girlfriend out with a telescope and play this song while watching the sky.
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    I prefer blues and old rock. Stuff that is old and familiar and won't distract. I got into that groove while doing film astrophotography. That hobby was too demanding and technical and expensive to allow distractions.
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    I prefer crickets and tree frogs. Music to my ears. :)
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    I keep forgetting to take my headphones, so no music so far.
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    Or coyotes.

    We used to take the kids out of the city to a dead end road out on the prairie with a telescope. At first, the coyotes would stay far away, but slowly they'd get closer and closer as their curiosity overcame their fear.

    Eventually they'd get close enough the kids would want to go home. Plus, skywatching is usually better in the winter, so they would be getting a little cold by time the coyotes were getting close.
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    Ah! That songs tops my list since IYA! Great job by Padi Boyd! Wonder if Astrocappella has come out with another album!

    Try 'Constellations' by Jack Johnson ;)
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    I enjoyed that song. Thanks.
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    Has anyone tried Mozart? BTW I used to observe besides a valley, at night the sound of winds echoing was an amazing experience! :)
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