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Favorite Coffee Shop Closing

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    There is a great little coffee shop near my house that I have done a lot of programming work there while drinking their wonderful coffee and now it is closing. The only places to choose from now are Starbucks and Dunk'n Donuts. The chain places are just not the same ....

    Has anyone else lost their beloved little coffee shop and had to resort to a Starbucks?
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    I'm too old for that (and rural, to boot), though I have fond memories of the only restaurant in the next town. The coffee mugs were heavy, and the coffee was hot and great-tasting. The owner used to get in there about 4am or so and make biscuits and pies. Even if you only ordered a coffee, the waitress would keep filling your mug as long as you sat there, but if you didn't order a slice of pie, you were doing yourself a disservice. Harold's pies weren't quite on a par with those that my mother and grandmother baked, but they were still good.
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    Pie .... mmmmmmmm .......
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