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FE Exam. Questions on Study Materials and New Format

  1. May 30, 2014 #1
    First, hopefully this is in the right section.

    So I am looking for the best way to prepare for the new FE Mechanical exam. I know that the format changed in January 2014 so I am having a hard time finding the best books and study materials for this new format. In Google searches results come up pertaining to the old format. So any good books out yet? I know Lindeburg is highly recommended but I do not see a new book out by him yet. I see Kaplan has a book but am not sure how good it is. Also any experiences with EIT fast track? There are a few options but I am looking for the most beneficial.

    Also I have some basic questions on the new format. I know it is now 110 multiple choice. The site states that after approximately 55 questions you get a break and then you can't go back to those questions. Is the test two separate parts and you can you only view 1 half before the break and the other half after the break? I am curious because I plan to go through and answer the easiest questions first and then go back through.

    Also as far as allowed materials. Are you allowed the calculator through the whole test? Also I know you get the reference manual on screen but do you get it as a hard copy book also? If not can you bring a copy of it? And do they allow or provide blank scratch paper?

    Any other input would be great.


    If you are interested in background I have a bachelors in mechanical engineering as well as a masters in mechanical engineering but the job search and outlooks are not what I had hoped. I am having trouble with the job search. I am thinking this is necessary as some jobs state they want it and others don't but I think they would greatly prefer it. I am located in NY if the region matters. I am looking for the best way to review as I have already graduated almost 4 years ago and I feel like maybe things are not as fresh in my head as they should be. I foolishly did not take the test right out of school so I am worried about preparation. Thanks again.
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    You will see each section separately during the test.

    There is no fast track to truly understanding the material. Working 3,000 or more problems from start to finish should do the trick. START TO FINISH. Don't assume any answers or work

    The old yellow book should be fine. You can now ignore the statics, dynamics, steel or heat transfer sections. (that's the new format for electrical, mechanical is likely a bit different. Check your new sylabus.

    I was out of school for 7 years.....I studied over a 6 month period....approximately 250 hours. Yes, that's a lot...and yes, it's a tough test. Perhaps 150 hours is enough since u have masters....maybe less. Take the practice exam in the back, if you get a 50% you passed. (at least that was the "bar" in the old format) Although the afternoon "general" section in the back is really tough..... the afternoon session is much tougher than the morning.

    With all that studying I then studied 150 hours for the PE the very next test session 6 months later.
    Back to back is the way to go without a doubt. Your study station is already set up in your house and your mind is sharp for
    non-stop story problems, puzzles, problem solving, etc.

    One more thing....in your area they typcially offer a 16 day class for review. 8 weeks of 2 hr classes two days a week. Highly recommend this if you think you need it.
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