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FE Exam Steam Tables Question

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    Hello all,

    I've got a question for folks who have taken the FE exam. I've been doing some thermo prep questions, and I've come across several sample questions (Non-NCEES written) that give properties of steam at odd points, say 1.8 MPa. In the reference handbook I'm using (2008; the 2011 PDF Thermodynamics section looks identical) the steam table only goes to 1 MPa. On the FE exam, will there be questions that cannot be answered using the steam tables given in the reference handbook? I can kind of estimate these state points if the table doesn't have them, but I'd rather know the numbers.

    I realize that this is a minor detail in the big scheme of the exam, but I'm curious nonetheless.


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    Can you post the problem you're referring to? You may be required to interpolate between points on the FE, but I can't imagine you will need to guess at a value so far outside the chart's valid range.

    My guess is it's either a typo, or the problem is meant to be solved in a way other than with the steam table.
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