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Ferrite Geometry

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    We are working with some ferrite rods to build solenoid magnetorquers for a cubesat design. The geometry on these rods is unique. Are there benefits to this type of a geometry?
    IMG_8305.JPG IMG_8304.JPG They are 19.6 cm length x .67cm diameter.

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    Can you give us a part number or a link to the manufacturer of the 6 fluted rods? What are they designed to do?

    Since your coil does not contain ferrite where the flutes are, you will need a longer wire to surround the same section of ferrite. That will weigh more than when wound on a simple cylindrical rod.
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    I see! Good to know, so you would even recommend to just use a simple cylinder? We are trying to maximize magnetic dipole moment for torque against the magnetic field of the Earth.

    As to part numbers etc, I wish. I have no part information. I am working on our team leads to get some more data on them. In the meantime, I thought I would ask on here from a physics standpoint how the flutes will affect things.
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