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Fetus Infetus (fetus in a man)

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    Last night I was watching "101 Things Removed From the Human Body" on TLC. The last thing was like a fetus that has been growing inside a man for over 36 years. I said "wow...." I was just dieing to know how this process works of a man growing a twin fetus inside of them. (By the way, they showed what it looked like, and it didn't actually look like a regular human, highly deformed, but you could tell it could grow into one, it also looked particularly nasty, like a rotting alien. :yuck: ) :eek:
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    Yes, it is an interesting phenomena. The correct term is "fetus in fetu" and if you do a google search using this term over 6000 hitsw will come up. Here is http://www.ijri.org/articles/archives/2003-13-1/obstetric_93.htm [Broken]. It is generally considered to be a parasitic twin that was enveloped by the carrier twin very early on in development.
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