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Feynman Diagram Vertices: What needs to be conserved?

  1. Mar 24, 2012 #1

    I'm taking introductory particle physics and this is related to the first couple of chapters in Griffiths. If I draw a Feynman diagram for a particular process, what conservation laws must hold at each vertex? Mainly looking at QED processs but as far as I can work out energy and momentum are the main ones. It also seems that one cannot go from one lepton family to another or one quark family to another at a vertex. Anything else I'm missing or incorrectly stating?

    Also, when we have virtual particles, are there any restrictions (apart from those above) on what I can use as a virtual particle?

    Somehow, its not too clear in Griffiths and I can't find a set of rules online either. Thank you!
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