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Fick's second law in cylindrical co-ordinates

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    Hi all,

    Having some trouble understanding/finding the derivation of Fick's second law of diffusion in cylindrical co-ordinates.

    I have attached the solution which describes the refilling of a laser cleaned spot via surface diffusion.

    So basically i would like to know the intermediate steps from Fick's second law to the attached equation.

    Many thanks on this one.

    (PS not a mathematician as you may have guessed so please dumb it down a shade for me)

    Thanks again

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    Could you cite 17, 18, original paper?

    Best Regards
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    This is a book on the mathematics of diffusion, I have had a good look at it but it still skips many steps so I can't follow the derivation.

    [17] J. Crank, The Mathematics of Diffusion (Clarendon, Oxford,
    1975) p. 72.

    This paper basically shows the same information as the book:

    [ 18] S.M. George, A.M. de Santolo and R.B. Hall, Surf. Sci. 159
    (1985) L425,

    Thanks for the reply.

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