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Fiction/Nonfiction novel explaining Magnetism?

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    I am new to the forums and thought of asking this question convenient right here.

    So, I was wondering that we have many novels explaining Astronomy and Particle physics for non physicists or physics enthusiasts. For example books on Biographies of say Einstein go a little deep into his work and some foundational work which helps in understanding Relativity a bit easier. Also we have many books by Stephen Hawking and a specific would be Grand Design explaining the Philosophy of Physics and many astronomical bodies.

    Is there such book based on Magnetism or in Condensed matter physics. Just a light read for my sister explaining the basic concepts in easier fashion.

    Thank you.
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    You need to be very careful when reading some so-called Popular Science books. Unless they come from a reputable source, they can be totally wrong. There is no Trades Description Act applying to authors. Your sister may need to wait until she has progressed in School a bit until she can grasp the subject of Magnetism - except in the very concrete level. Hawking is a bit difficult, even for experienced Physicists at times.
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    You might try Magnetism: a very short introduction by Blundell. There is also the Francis Bitter autobiography Magnets: The Education of a Physicist.
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