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Find Integral Bessel function

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    I am struggling to find the antiderivative of the following function:
    f(x)=\frac{J_{0}(ax)J_{1}(bx) }{x+x^{4} }
    J_{0},{~}J_{1} : Bessel{~}functions{~}of{~}the{~}first{~}kind\\
    a, b: constants
    F(x)=\int_{}^{} \! f(x) \, dx =?[/tex]
    Who can help?
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    I think you should use some principles from complex analysis.
    ##J_0(0) = 0##, ##J_1(0) = 1##, So This function should be continuous around zero with a point discontinuity.
    I would recommend using the residue formula for the roots of (1+ x^3) in the denominator.
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