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Homework Help: Find suitable values of y and x in the equation

  1. Aug 5, 2012 #1
    The I/P converter is designed to produce the response 'A' in the graph attached. The balance equation of the system is:


    Kc=2500Newton Amps (NA)
    z=75 mm

    Determine suitable values of y and x to give the response 'A' in the graph attached.

    pressure must be entered into the equation in pascal and current in amps and all dimensions in metres

    3. The attempt at a solution


    100000 pascals=(2500*y/0.0005meters^2*x)*0.02

    100000/0.02 = (2500*y/0.0005*x)

    5000000= (2500*y/0.0005*x)

    It is at this point where i am stuck on how to continue and how to make x or y the subject of the equation.

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    Why don't you try determining the slope from the graph, first.

    What part of Po=(Kc*y/A*x)*Iin represents the slope?

    Don't forget about your other equation, x+y=100mm
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