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Find the distance/height, impact ,etc of the tsunami?

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    Hey.. i was wondering how math ( especially algebra ) could be used in gathering information about it that could help in its prevention? what are the formulae, if any, that can be used to find the distance/height, impact ,etc of the tsunami?

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    Ramollari is right; it would be just about impossible "prevent". However, with more accurate modeling it should be possible to predict them, which could result in the saving of many lives. As you may have heard, while the waves were washing over Southeast Asia, geologists and oceanographers were still looking at the record of the sea quake and trying to determine if there was a danger. Long after the waves had done their damage, when reports of calamity began pouring in, they were still theorizing that such a quake might cause some kind of wave, but they didn't know for sure. With better understanding will come better and earlier warning.
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    Tsunami resources?

    I am interested in the occurences and predictions of tsunamis as well. Does anyone know of other internet resources for information regarding the acoustic wave properties, tsunami predicting and other information regarding tsunamis? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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