Find Threaded or Tight-Seal Petri Dishes for Ferro-Fluid

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In summary, the person is looking for a glass or Pyrex petri dish with a tight seal or threaded lid to prevent a liquid called ferro-fluid from leaking out and staining surfaces. They have searched for petri dishes but have not found any with a screw-on lid or tight seal. They are asking for the name of this type of dish and suggestions for where to buy it. One possible option is a "tight-lid petri dish" from a company that can be found by googling "buy lid petri dish." Another suggestion is to look for an "agar plate," which is a commonly used type of petri dish.
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Hi, I am trying to figure out where I can get a glass or Pyrex petri dish that has a tight seal or has a threaded lid. I'm holding a liquid that i don't want leaking out because it stains everything in its path. ferro-fluid.
I've searched for petri dishes and found plenty, but none with a screw-on lid or a tight seal.

what are these types of dishes called? any suggested sellers?

Thanks a bunch

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You could try looking for an 'agar plate' (which is a petri dish with agar in it), since that's the most common use of petri dishes nowadays.

1. What are threaded or tight-seal Petri dishes?

Threaded or tight-seal Petri dishes are specialized laboratory dishes designed to hold and contain ferro-fluid. These dishes have either threaded edges or a tight-sealing mechanism, such as a clamp or lid, to prevent the ferro-fluid from spilling or evaporating.

2. Why is it important to use threaded or tight-seal Petri dishes for ferro-fluid?

Ferro-fluid is a highly magnetic liquid that is prone to spilling and evaporating. In order to prevent contamination and maintain accurate experimental results, it is important to use specialized Petri dishes that can securely hold and contain the ferro-fluid.

3. How do I know if a Petri dish is threaded or has a tight-seal?

Threaded Petri dishes have a screw-like edge that allows for a secure seal when the lid is tightened. Tight-seal Petri dishes may have a clamp or a lid that creates a tight fit, preventing any leaks or evaporation. These features are typically mentioned in the product description or can be seen in product images.

4. Are there any specific brands or types of Petri dishes that are recommended for ferro-fluid experiments?

Yes, there are several brands and types of Petri dishes that are specifically designed for ferro-fluid experiments. Some popular options include Corning® Pyrex® Petri dishes, Nalgene® Petri dishes, and Nunc™ Petri dishes. It is important to carefully read the product description and choose a dish that is specifically listed as suitable for ferro-fluid experiments.

5. Can I reuse threaded or tight-seal Petri dishes for multiple experiments?

Yes, as long as the Petri dish is properly cleaned and sterilized, it can be reused for multiple experiments. It is important to follow proper sterilization procedures to prevent contamination and ensure accurate results.

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