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Homework Help: Finding buffer capacities

  1. Jan 21, 2006 #1
    Ok, I have a problem...
    I have a buffer consisting of acetic acid and sodium hydroxide to which I add HCl (solution 1) and NaOH (solution 2). I'm supposed to find the moles of HCl produced and the moles of NaOH produced in each one. I know the volume of acetic acid is 25.00mL and the volume of NaOH to prepare the buffer is 12.95mL. The concentration of acetic acid is 0.1931M and 0.1000M for both standard NaOH and standard HCl. The pH for solution 1 is 4.76 and the pH for solution 2 is 4.77. I've been trying Henderson-Hasselbalch but I'm confused about what information I'm supposed find exactly by using it...I would really appreciate some help on this...thanks.:confused:
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