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Finding direction of a source using directional antenna?

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    Hi all,

    Is it possible to find the direction of a source in 4 quadrants using directional antenna?
    I am thinking of setting up 4 directional antennas, facing to 4 quadrants, and they will receive the waves from the according quadrants.
    What do you guys think about this? And is there any easier way to find the direction of a source by receiving its EM wave? thanks.
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    Afaik, this is a well established procedure and was an area of considerable research by the military, who have an obvious interest in locating the sources of radio emissions. Current day systems offer source bearings immediately as a matter of course, but I do not know the specific technique involved.
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    For around one hundred years folks have been detecting the direction of the source of radio signals. During a Google search using the terms “passive radio direction finding” I found this excellent history with examples within approximately twelve seconds:

    “Radio Direction Finding”
    http://www.astrosol.ch/thisandthat/5379039a840e79e07/ [Broken]

    This is only one of many more available to the searcher, if only the search effort is expended.
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