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Finding failure of a beam system

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    See attached for a picture.

    I want to calculate the load that will produce a failure at the point in the picture. If I know all the required dimensions and material properties, how do I go about calculating the load that will produce failure? Thanks!


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    What if you treat the small beam member to the right as a cantileaver beam? Any thoughts?
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    All right, how about this:

    The small beam on the right is subject to pure bending, with a square cross section and the larger beam on the left is now just a wall that the small beam is attached to. So for a predicted failure model:

    σmax = 6M / (h^3)

    where we could set σmax = yield stress of the material
    M = Fmax * L
    L = beam length
    h = height of square cross section

    Rearranging, I get:

    Fmax = (σmax * h^3) / (6*L)

    What do you think of this?
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