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Finding mass of spring from time period.

  1. Jan 27, 2013 #1
    As the title suggests, there is a practical in which we have to find mass of the spring (m*) having a block of mass M attached to bottom, from GRAPH of time period (T)^2 against M.
    Here's what the practical handbook says:
    T^2= [16{(pi)^2}(R^3)N][M+(m*/3)] / [(r^4)n]
    there is no reference to what is N,n,R,r
    What they do next is to plug in T=0
    therefore, M+(m*/3)=0
    => m*/3=-M
    Considering magnitude, m*=3(x intercept)

    The last part makes some sense but, where does the formula come from?

    Thank you! (Sorry for being messy)
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