What is Time period: Definition and 124 Discussions

The categorization of the past into discrete, quantified named blocks of time is called periodization. This is a list of such named time periods as defined in various fields of study. Major categorization systems include cosmological (time periods in the origin and mass evolution of the universe), geological (time periods in the origin and evolution of the Earth), anthropological and historical (time periods in the origin and evolution of human civilization).

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  1. Misha87

    B Harmonic oscillator and simple pendulum time period

    Hi, I have been thinking about pendulums a bit and discovered that a HO(harmonic Oscillator) will take the same time to complete one period T no matter which amplitude A/length l it has, if stiffness k and mass m are the same. But moving on to a simple pendulum suddenly the time period for one...
  2. Yossi33

    Physical pendulum time period

    hello, i have some diffuculties with this problem, there's the point where the spring is attached to the rod and according to the equation of time period of physical pendulum , h represent the distance from the COM and the pivot point. here the pivot point is at the COM. and i know that it can't...
  3. S

    Kepler's Third Law vs Conservation of angular momentum

    The classic way to go about this problem would be to use Kepler's laws and thus find the new time period of earth. However I encountered this question in a test on rotational motion which deals with conservation of angular momentum. The equation used here would be I1ω1= I2ω2 Replacing I with MR2...
  4. Huzaifa

    I Time period of Beat (acoustics)

    $$y=2 A \cos 2 \pi\left(\frac{\nu_{1}-\nu_{2}}{2}\right) t \sin 2 \pi\left(\frac{\nu_{1}+\nu_{2}}{2}\right) t$$ Can you explain me the significance of the above equation in the context of waves and oscillations? It's something to do with 'beats,'.
  5. Vivek33010

    Time period of 2 disks connected by a spring

    My attempt at solving case B I've attached my attempt at case B above. What problem I'm facing is that after writing equation of angular SHM, I'm getting angular acceleration proportional to cube of angular displacement, which doesn't reduce to SHM. So how to find time period for this...
  6. Kaguro

    Question regarding time period and distances of a comet

    We can find that (1+e)/(1-e) = 8 => 1+e = 8 - 8e => 9e=7 => e=7/9. I'm not sure if I need this. We can also find the time period of Earth ## T=\frac{2 \pi r}{v} = 3.14* 10^7 s## I think I need more information from somewhere else. What am I missing?
  7. M

    B Probability of n events over a time period

    Let's say you have a leaking tab, and the probability of a droplet in any given second is 1%, regardless of whether there was a drop previously. How would you calculate the probability of n drops in a minute? No drops in a second is 0.99, so no drops over a minute is 0.99^60. Hence one or more...
  8. P

    How does the velocity of a ball change without buoyant force acting on it?

    So my doubt is at the beginning of the problems hey are saying that the ball obeys stokes law and on the latter part of the question they are saying that no buoyant force is acting then how does the velocity of the ball change in the end? Also what is the use of specifying 'the ball never...
  9. aspodkfpo

    Energy loss in simple harmonic motion causes the time period to shorten?

    https://www.asi.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/ASOEsolns2012.pdf Q11 D) Markers comments: Few students reached part (d) and very few of those who did realized that the amplitude does affect the time taken for each of Mordred’s bounces. i.e. the energy losses results in shorter periods...
  10. B

    Time period of a mass spring system

    I have attempted to draw a sketch of this but can't see how the data they gave me help to find time period This is what value I have ended up getting but I believe is wrong Much appreciated for any help!
  11. Kaushik

    Time period of a periodic function

    Consider the following periodic function: ## f(t) = \sin(ωt) + \cos(2ωt) + \sin(4ωt) ## What is the time period of the above periodic function? The following is given in my book: Period is the least interval of time after which the function repeats. Here, ##\sin(ωt)## has a period ##T_o =...
  12. Saptarshi Sarkar

    Time period of an object traveling in an elliptical orbit

    I know that the angular momentum of the particle orbiting in an elliptical path is constant and due to which the particle speeds up near the foci when r is small. But, I cannot figure out how to calculate the time period of rotation. I can do the same for an ellipse by taking mv²/r = central...
  13. Beelzedad

    How to know whether motion is simple harmonic motion or not?

    I am reading "Coulomb and the evolution of physics and engineering in eighteenth-century France". There it is said in page 152 para 1 that "Coulomb found that within a very wide range, the torsion device oscillated in SHM". My questions are: (1) By just looking at the time period of the...
  14. Prabs3257

    Change in the time period of a pendulum

    I tried taking log and then diffrentiate the standard equation for time period of a pendulum but i am not getting the correct answer
  15. tanaygupta2000

    What is Kepler's Second Law and How Does it Relate to a Planet's Time Period?

    By using the above formula I am getting value of time-period T as 6.757*10^6 hrs. But the answer given is 1.7 - 1.8 hrs.
  16. Saptarshi Sarkar

    Time period of oscillation of charge in front of infinite charged plane

    I tried to calculate the time the charged particle will take to reach the plane using the a and using d=1/2at² and found the t to be equal to root(4εmd/σq). I guess the time period of oscillation will be double of t (by symmetry), i.e. 2root(4εmd/σq). I don't know if this is correct.
  17. J

    Power output from a falling masss over a time period

    How did you find PF?: youtube [Moderator: moved from new member intro forum]How did you find PF?: youtube i need a falling mass over time /joules per kilo over 1hr time also need to know how to figure gearing to maintain fall over time in regards to a set resistance such as a 5 kw alternator
  18. A

    I Time period of precession of Sx about B

    Consider an electron for which l=0 is kept in a uniform magnetic field B. For which the hamiltonian matrix is {μBB,0,0,-μBB} now if the electron is in the state 1/√2{1,1}(e.g in the eigenstates of Sx eigenvalue ħ/2} If this state is time evolved 1/√2{1,0}exp(-iEt/ħ)+1/√2{0,1}exp(iEt/ħ) where...
  19. S

    What is the range and time period of this particle?

    Homework Statement The longer-range inter-nucleon force is not a direct result of the gluon field, but is indirectly affected by a quark-antiquark pair (i.e. meson). If this ‘residual’ strong interaction between nucleons is mediated by a π-meson, then what is the maximum time period in which...
  20. S

    I Time period in which an interaction with a π-meson happens?

    The longer-range inter-nucleon force is not a direct result of the gluon field, but is indirectly affected by a quark-antiquark pair (meson). If this ‘residual’ strong interaction between nucleons is mediated by a π-meson, then what is the maximum time period in which the interaction takes...
  21. J

    Time period from potential energy expression

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution U = 5x2 - 20x F = -dU/dx F = -10x + 20 The expression for force doesn't look like motion is SHM . How should I deal with this ?
  22. Hydrous Caperilla

    Finding the time period of this System

    Homework Statement To find the time period of this simple harmonic motion Homework Equations F= -kx The Attempt at a Solution To check Simple harmonic motion first ,I have to displace the mass by some distance which I take to be x in this case. Therefore the spring will be displaced by a...
  23. Wrichik Basu

    How to find time period of SHM from equation of motion?

    Homework Statement :[/B] Say for example I've got the equation of a SHM as: $$x = A \cos (\omega t + \phi)$$ where ##A## is the amplitude. How do I find the time period of this motion? Homework Equations :[/B] Stated above. The Attempt at a Solution :[/B] I tried by finding the second...
  24. J

    Experiment to determine the time period of a pendulum

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Time period of a simple pendulum is given by 2π√(L/g) . By uniform mass distribution , I am assuming density of mass of bob to be constant . I don't understand how time period depends on the mass of the bob of a simple pendulum .
  25. J

    Time period of oscillation of a plate

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I don't have much idea about how to approach this problem . Presence of two strings makes it quite difficult . Is it a compound pendulum ? But where is the pivot point about which the plate is oscillating . About which point...
  26. J

    Time period of block springs SHM

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Length of the unstretched springs is L .Suppose block is pushed towards C by a small distance x . This causes a change in length of springs B and C . Their new length is L+∆L .Consider spring B. If the new length makes a small...
  27. VSayantan

    Time Period of a Small Oscillation

    Homework Statement [/B]A heavy mass ##m## is suspended from two identical steel wires of length ##l##, radius ##r## and Young's modulus ##Y##, as shown in the figure above. When the mass is pulled down by a distance ##x## ##(x<<l)## and released, it undergoes...
  28. V

    Time period of combination of massive springs in parallel

    Let us say there are two springs each of mass m and each having a spring constant k. If the two springs are connected in parallel to a mass M and are made to oscillate, what will be the time period of oscillations??
  29. S

    Time period of small oscillations of the point dipole

    Homework Statement In an infinite flat layer of thickness 2d, volume charge density is given according to the law: ρ=(ρ°)(x)/d and (-d≤x≤d). Here, x is the axis perpendicular to the plane. In the layer, there is a thin channel in which a point dipole of mass m and dipole moment p is placed...
  30. Kaneki123

    Time period of a Pendulum....

    Okay...The time period of a pendulum is independant of its mass and amplitude.For the "independance of mass",the reason is that, for same amplitude (distance from mean position), any change in mass would have no effect on the acceleration of the mass (gravitational acceleration is...
  31. R

    Time period of a block hanging from a pulley

    Homework Statement :[/B] The figure shows a pulley block system in equilibrium. If the block is displaced down slightly from its position and released, find the time period of the oscillation. Assume friction is sufficient. I: moment of inertia of pulley k: spring constant R: Radius of pulley...
  32. MalachiK

    Time period of system with constant restoring force

    Homework Statement Two smooth planes are joined at one end so that they form a V shape. The join is such that a mass placed on one of the planes will slide smoothly down one side of the V and then move up the other side. Find the period of the motion (T) of such a mass in terms of x0 (the...
  33. G

    Finding the time period using the potential

    Homework Statement A particle of unit mass moves in one dimension with potential V(x) = ½μ2x2 + εx4 (ε>0). Discuss the motion of the particle. If the particle released from rest at x=a (a>0) express the time period T for the particle to return to a in the form of an integral and show that when...
  34. CassiopeiaA

    A Take FFT to find time period for eclipsing binaries

    I am trying to use Kepler Data for Eclipsing Binaries to estimate time period, and then other parameters such as mass, eccentricity, semi-major axis, distance, etc. of the binary systems. I want to write code in MATLAB which will use FFT to find the time period. The available data has the...
  35. Pao44445

    Time Period of SHM | 500kg Car w/ 196,000 N/m

    Homework Statement a man sits in a car that makes the center gravity of the car is pulled down by 0.3 cm. After he gets out of the car, find the time period of the car while it is moving in SHM Mass of the car = 500kg Spring constant = 196,000 N/m Homework Equations ? The Attempt at a...
  36. Deebu R

    Time period of a satellite

    Homework Statement If the time period of a satellite in the orbit of radius r around a planet is T, then the time period of a satellite in the orbit of radius 4r is T'= ? 2. The attempt at a solution To be honest I have no idea how to solve this. First I thought Keplers third law may be the...
  37. Muthumanimaran

    Find the Time period using First Integral

    Recently I lend the Classical mechanics book written by Goldstein from the library, In the last page, someone scribbled this problem without any solution, I am just curious and want to give a try the problem mentioned below. I just want to know whether my approach and my solution is correct or...
  38. JulienB

    Time period of a pendulum

    Hi everybody! I have a quick question about a pendulum. The first question of a problem asked me to find an integral expression for the time period of a pendulum without the small angle approximation, which I did and I got that: ##T(\varphi) = 4\sqrt{\frac{l}{g}} \int_{0}^{\pi/2}...
  39. L

    Time period in harmonic oscillation.

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Find Time Period. Find the error in my solution. The Attempt at a Solution Where i am wrong ?
  40. Abhijeet Verma

    Time Period of Vertical Circular motion

    Since the latex is not appearing, I request you to please click https://brilliant.org/discussions/thread/time-period-of-vertical-circular-motion/ , to view with complete formatting. Please help. Thanks. P.S-This is not schoolwork or homework...
  41. Geek007

    Bit rate, bit interval vs frequency, time period

    can we use frequency and time period terms for digital signals or we have to use bit rate and bit interval terms for digital signal. in simple words,
  42. V

    Change in time period of pendulum

    Homework Statement Q The length of a simple pendulum executing SHM is increased by 21% .The percentage increase in the time period of the pendulum of increased length is a) 11% b) 21% c)42% d)10% Homework Equations ##T = 2\pi\sqrt{\frac{L}{g}}## The Attempt at a Solution ##T^2 =...
  43. Ethan Godden

    Time period for a Simple Harmonic Oscillator to go from 0-1m

    Homework Statement A particle with a mass(m) of 0.500kg is attached to a horizontal spring with a force constant(k) of 50.0N/m. At the moment t=0, the particle has its maximum speed of 20m/s and its moving to the left. Find the minimum time interval required for the particle to move from...
  44. Hijaz Aslam

    Change of Time period of a pendulum with additional mass

    Homework Statement Q. [/B]The bob of a simple pendulum has a mass ##m## and it is executing simple harmonic motion of amplitude ##A## and period ##T##. It collides with a body of mass ##m_o## placed at the equilibrium position which sticks to the bob. The time period of the oscillation of the...
  45. Simanto Rahman

    Relation Between Spring Constant and Angular Velocity

    I was going through Periodic Motion chapter of my book and came across an equation while defining the relation between Time Period of on oscillating particle and force constant. k/m=w2 which was applied in, T = 2xpie/angular velocity can anyone please help me define this equation. I can't seem...
  46. wolram

    Exploring Future Time Periods: Pick Yours!

    If you had a pick of any future time period which would you choose, given that the future may be exotic or chaotic.
  47. V

    Time period of a pendulum made of two disks

    Homework Statement Problem statement - [/B] Klepner and Kolenkow 6.15 : A pendulum is made of two disks each of mass M and radius R separated by a massless rod. One of the disks is pivoted through its center by a small pin. The disks hang in the same plane and their centres are a distance l...
  48. W

    Finding the initial velocity and time period of a projectile

    Homework Statement In the Fig. What should be the initial velocity (magnitude and direction) of the arrow? Also calculate the time of flight. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have formulated 2 equations: v*cos(theta) * t = 20 and 3 = (v * Sin(theta) * t) + (9.81 * t^2)/2 when...
  49. AdityaDev

    SHM spring block system

    Homework Statement a block of mass m as shown in figure lies on a smooth horizontal surface and springs are at natural length. when the block is displaced slightly then find the time period of oscillation Homework Equations $$T=2\pi\sqrt{\frac{m}{k}}$$ for series connection of...