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Finding tangential force exerted by a rotating cylinder at a given point.

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    Consider a vertical cylindrical CNC machine tool with mass of 0.75Kg, 0.015m diameter and height of 0.025m.

    It is rotating at 2000 rpm.

    While rotating it cuts some material. This cutting action takes place due to tangential force applied on the workpiece as shown below:

    [URL]http://C:\Users\GAURAV\Desktop\Paper[/URL] applied jrnl\cutting analysis sorted paper

    From the given data can we fing the tangential force being exerted by the tool on the workpiece.

    In short we have to find the force which will be applied by any point on the periphery of the tool due to is mass and roatating motion.

    is this approach right:


    MoI of cylinder abt axis I=mr/2
    Torque T=I.ω
    also T =F*r

    Hence F is found but it comes very small. Hence I doubt is this tangential force or any other and what is the right approach.
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