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Finding Work done by friction

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    a 500 kg crate is on a rough surface inclined at 30°. A constant external force
    P = 4000 N is applied horizontally to the crate. The force pushes the crate a distance of 3.0 m up the
    incline, in a time interval of 9.2 s, and the velocity changes from ν1 = 1.0 m/s to ν2 = 2.8 m/s. The
    work done by the friction force is closest to:

    I have no idea how to start this. I tried just using the regular work equation or conservation of energy and did not find the answer.
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    You are posting this in the wrong forum.

    Anyway, find the work done by the force, then find the work done to bring it from a lower to a higher region, to increase the velocity, etc. , and just minus off all of them to find the work done to overcome friction.
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