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Finite Differences-Semi discretization method on Heat Equation

  1. Jul 29, 2014 #1
    Hi!, I'm working on a personal project: Solve the heat equation with the semi discretization method, using my own Mathematica's code, (W. Mathematica 9). The code:
    View attachment PDE heat.nb

    I'm having problems with the variable M (the number of steps). It works with M=1-5, but no further, I do not know what's going on. Help!!!!
    Also, I'm looking for a better animation more intuitive.
    Thanks a lot
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    Since I do not have mathematica( using matlab for simulation purposes) I am just going to ask silly questions :|. As far as a quick google search is concerned Semi discretization means you only discretize space, right? And then you figure out some time evolution method. What are you using for the time evolution?
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    Yes, that's the idea of semi discretization(also you can discretize the time or space)- But in this treatment I am working with the spatial variable (discrete), and solving the differential equations of time without any numerical method (certain boundary conditions and initial condition allow me to do it), since mathematica does it exactly.

    Did I get you?
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