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Homework Help: Fir filter (need help fast)

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    in an FIR filter how do you remove the linear phase introduced by windowing?
    also if the phase is non linear how can the distortion be minimized?
    could someone please reply asap i badly need help with this. thanx
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    Welcome to the PF. This sounds like homework, so I moved it from the general EE forum to the appropriate homework forum.

    You need to show us a little more of your own work and thoughts in order for us to help you. For example, what effect does the length of the filter have on the distortions you are asking about? Why does length affect the distortions? What method are you using to calculate the FIR coefficients, and why use that method over others?
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    it's alright . i found the answer. apparently you just need to advance the signal before sending it through the filter. that way the delay of the filter cancels out with the advance and your signal ends up back at time zero.
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