Five similarities between DNA and Protein?

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    Name five similarities between DNA and Protein (college biology class)

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    I know one similarity is that both are made up of smaller molecules to form chains. (Polypetide chains are formed from amino acids linked together by peptide bonds and DNA is formed by nucleic acids (a combination of 3 parts: nitrogenous bases, phophroic acid and dexyribose (5 carbon sugar)).
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  3. I am not sure but could this be considered a similarity, their basic monomers that is nucleic acid (DNA) and amino acid (protein) have different side groups. So for DNA: A,T,G,C while for protein it is the R -groups.
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    For another similarity consider the type of reaction used to join monomers.
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    What shapes both molecules?
  6. Do hydrophobic tendencies shape the molecules? Or is it just the polarity/charge?

    What are the types of reactions to join monomers?

    And I think side chains is a good idea. Protein side chains are the R groups, right? And then the 4 nitrogenous bases could be considered the sidechains of DNA, right?

    p.s. I've only been in this biology class less than 2 weeks so bare with me, I'm just starting!
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