Flash freezing the brain

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    I've seen online that you can get a handful of your ashes sent into space for a hefty fee1 and it got me thinking... Would it be possible when dead to flash freeze the brain and send it up into space in a radiation proof container and just allow it to travel through space like the voyagers do?

    Or would it eventually melt and decay ect? The reason I ask is because when you're dead, your dead as far as we know so I thought what is there to lose if someone wanted to send their brain into space and who knows, in a billion years an alien race might find it, defrost it without damaging it and somehow restore it or transfer it's memories onto a computer or something.

    Obviously this seems somewhat farfetched and probably impossible but I thought I was ask why this would or wouldn't be possible. The biggest concern is the brain defrosting over time.
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    What is the temperature in space?
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    ~2.7K so I'm guessing it won't melt but is 2.7K cold enough so that decay won't occur?
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    Yes, what you have to worry about is sublimation.
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