Flocculation based water purification.

  1. Which is a better flocculant for water purification, aluminium or ferric sulfate? (I feel the latter might have the advantage because it also seems to lower heavy metal levels but I'm not 100% about this)

    For the disinfectant part would chlorine dioxide be effective?

    Would the flocculant be enough or would you need things like precipitates and coagulants to help it do a better job?

    To any moderators: Initially I didn't see the chemistry section on this forum so if you think that this thread is in the wrong place please feel free to move it.
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  3. I'm really glad someone posted this question. My area of interest is actually in disaster response water purification and I'd love to know the answer too. In terms of safety/weight/portability etc, what is the best chemical to use? My company (AidGear) is hoping to build a mobile floc unit for use in disaster response and so I'm always interested in following these issues.
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  4. Just thought that I would give this thread a bump as I would still like to know.
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  6. Last bump.

    The two things that I would really like to know is if a flocculant is effective by itself or if it needs additives (like the ones mentioned in the first post) to make it work best and if ferric sulfate (or any other compound or mixture for that matter) can remove heavy metals.
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