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I Fluid Dynamic. Force on particles in carrying fluid (liquid)

  1. May 3, 2016 #1
    Good day to all!
    I have a question : We have a flowing fluid ( liquid ) with known pressure, flow in the pipe ( pump is pumping it). There are some spherical microparticles in the liquid, let's say 10-15 microns. I want to create force to stop them moving! Will the pressure force be in the form of F = pA ( p - pressure of the fluid A - area of the particles ). ???

    Sorry, if the question is too easy or too fool)))) It is needed for my project.
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    You'll have to explain what you are doing in more detail .
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    As I said I want to generate force which is needed to stop microparticles flowing, so that they will accumulate on one place. (I think partciles relatively to fluid do not move, so they are catched by stream). I need to quantify the presure force , because I think it is the greatest acting on particle.
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