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I Fly-by anomaly is back with Juno

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    During some spacecraft fly-bys at Earth it was noted that their final speed didn’t match the expected values. The difference was too small to be relevant for their missions, but too large to be explained by simple measurement uncertainties. It is either a poorly understood or forgotten part of known physics or some new physics.

    Juno is in a highly elliptic orbit around Jupiter. If the effect is real, we expect it to see an even stronger effect there thanks to Jupiter’s huge mass and potentially its fast rotation. And ... it seems that we do.
    Here is a report
    Whatever it is, it seems to be stronger at Jupiter.
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    Really interesting.. Is there a possbility of affected by some anomalies in the jupiter that we dont know ? Or Maybe a fully GR model can explain but including also other planets and the satellites etc ?

    "Their model took into account the tidal forces exerted by the Sun and by Jupiter’s larger satellites – Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto – and also the contributions of the known zonal harmonics. They also accounted for Jupiter’s multipolar fields, which are the result of the planet oblate shape, "

    I don't think that we need some new physics to explain it
    I think we are missing something since we cannot add all the variables to our equations.

    "They also determined that this anomaly appears to be dependent on the ratio between the spacecraft’s radial velocity and the speed of light, and that this decreases very fast as the craft’s altitude over Jupiter’s clouds changes. These issues were not predicted by General Relativity, so there is a chance that flyby anomalies are the result of novel gravitational phenomena – or perhaps, a more conventional effect that has been overlooked."

    What's this means ?
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